Yoga Photo Gallery | My Yoga Journey

Yoga PhotoThis Yoga Photo Gallery is not just limited to the practice of  Yoga but to a lifestyle and my Yoga journey. from my day to day experiences shared through Instagram to Yoga Photos that reach far beyond my classes in Newcastle. and far beyond the UK. Cristal Yoga classes are designed to stay with you and last far beyond the end of the session. Why not join us on out Instagram feed and and tag #cristalyogaphoto so I can share in your Yoga journey too.

To join any of our Newcastle Yoga classes please go to our Classes page to find out whats available and book online. We also have gift vouchers available so you can share your Yoga journey with someone close to you and let them choose a time and place to suit them. You can stay in touch with us through Facebook & Twitter too. Where you are sure to find more Yoga photos, Yoga information and advice.

Yoga Photo Gallery