Mum & Baby Yoga FAQs

What should we wear?

You should both wear loose/stretchy clothing and be able to have bare feet easily (wear socks instead of tights). This is good for developing baby’s sense of touch and for your sense of balance.

Can I feed my baby before the class?

Yes, you can also feed them during the class.

Can I change my baby during the class?

Of course! I just ask that you take your litter with you when you leave.

Can I still come if I have never done yoga before?

Yes! The practise is tailored specifically for the postnatal period so you don’t need to have any prior experience of yoga as everything will be explained.

What if my baby cries?

It’s absolutely fine and other babies will probably cry too. The space is held to be safe and welcoming for you and your baby and I will do what I can to ensure baby’s happiness by offering alternative practises/positions where possible.

What if my baby has colic?

Mum and Baby yoga is great for colicky babies as we do stretches and movements that help to aid digestion which will in-turn help to ease the symptoms of colic in your baby. As it can be quite a stressful time for you also, the breathing and relaxation practises we use are very beneficial in calming and soothing your nerves.

When are the classes?

There are currently no classes on the schedule as I am on maternity break but check back in the autumn for new class announcements.

What do I need to bring to the class?

Mats, props and cushions are provided, just bring anything that you would normally take on an outing with your baby. If you have the space, bring a large blanket for the relaxation at the end.

Are you qualified to teach Mum and Baby Postnatal Yoga?

Yes, I am trained with Birthlight who are the original training providers of Baby Yoga in the UK and around the world.

Anything else?

If I’ve missed something please get in touch, as there is no such thing as a silly question!