I began regularly attending Cristal Yoga classes in November 2013 primarily to strengthen and maintain the flexibility of my body. I was also keen to start an exercise class that would help me re-energise and de-stress as I had been suffering with an under-active thyroid that was affecting my energy levels. In a few weeks I noticed a number of improvements in my physical health, the little niggles of stiffness in my knees and shoulders had gone and it didn’t take as long to get my body “warmed” up in the mornings after a nights sleep. My emotional wellbeing also improved as Cristal’s direction in the meditation segment at the end of our yoga practice was somewhere that gave me space and peace to allow my busy mind to relax and unwind. Aspects of the thyroid problem such as heaviness and gripping around my throat began to become less frequent as well. Cristal has always provided me with excellent individualised support, advice and encouragement and she has a warmth of character and personality that keep the classes focused and interesting each week. In my work as a Chiropractor I regularly recommend Cristal Yoga to my clients, whether they are wanting to assist their recovery from an injury or keep themselves fit and healthy I know they will receive the best attention and guidance from Cristal to get the most benefit from yoga practice.

Cathy Turnel