Mum and Baby Yoga

Practising Mum and Baby Yoga is a beautiful way to nurture the mother and baby bond and to share your experiences with other mums whilst promoting healthy development in your baby. Becoming a mum again, or for the first time, can be a daunting experience and being around others who are going through similar things can help to lighten the load and to remind you that you’re doing just fine. The classes offer a safe and social setting for you and a learning and fun environment for your baby.

What To Expect

As I come from a yoga teaching background the classes are predominantly based around strengthening and stretching for mum after birth, however we do involve some baby sensory activities and you will learn how to practise yoga with your baby. The practise is specifically for the postnatal period and helps you to heal from the inside out. The postures are tailored to strengthen pelvic and abdominal muscles, which can be weak after pregnancy and childbirth, and to release tight shoulders and neck from holding and feeding your baby. All the yoga postures are adapted so that you can do them with your baby if you wish.

You will learn breathing exercises that will help you to feel more energised when you are lacking in sleep, and less stressed when motherhood becomes a little more challenging. We also cover breathing practises that can be combined with toning exercises to strengthen core abdominal and pelvic muscles.

The yoga practise for baby includes sensory massage, playful stretches to improve your baby’s digestion and coordination, and singing with holds, lifts and movements to stimulate your baby’s development on every level and to help you to rebuild your strength without stressing or straining your body.

The relaxation at the end of class is for both mum and baby’s wellbeing as it is calming and soothing for all involved whether you are walking, sitting or lying down.

Mum and Baby Relaxation

All yoga is about going with the flow and if baby’s happy, mum is happy therefore feeding, changing etc can take place at any time during the class.

What To Bring

Props and blankets are provided but please bring your own mat. Bring anything that you would normally take on an outing with your baby. Both mum and baby should wear loose/stretchy clothing and be able to access their bare feet easily.

The cost of the course is £36 for 6-weeks. To book contact Cristal on 07774222107 or

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